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Stephanie's story begins as a one year old whose parents were married but very young and wanted a better life for Stephanie than what they could give her. Little did they know they were only a tool in the hands of God to bring Stephanie into this world. Meanwhile across town another couple was believing God to adopt a child so, they put an ad in the local newspaper and much to their surprise the ad was answered by Stephanie's parents. When the meeting was arranged Rebecca, who later became Stephanie's adopted Mother told her husband; " No matter what her name is we will have to change it to Stephanie because as a child I had a friend with that name and always said I would name my daughter Stephanie so, James, her husband agreed." When the meeting had taken place and the baby was brought into the room, Rebecca asked, " What is her name?" and the answer was, "Stephanie." To be already named Stephanie was a confirmation that this adoption was to take place and it did, Stephanie was adopted to James and Rebecca Wilhite at the age of one year old.

Adopted into God's Family

At the age of three while at her Grandmother's house Stephanie was watching the 700 Club and when Pat Robertson gave an offer to ask Jesus into your heart Stephanie prayed the prayer and at that very moment saw water which was later found to represent the Holy Spirit and that Stephanie had received the gift of the Holy Ghost evidenced by speaking in tongues at that very same moment of praying the sinner's prayer.  


Tragedy took place in Stephanie's teenage years with the death of her Dad in 1985. He had a sudden heart attack at the age of 38. The very night of the funeral, God sent the comforter and as the Holy Spirit touched Stephanie, she began to intercede for family members and then saw a vision of her Dad running into the arms of Jesus as He said' "Welcome home son." From that moment forward Stephanie and her Mom truly knew that God was the defender of the widow and orphan because, they never lacked for anything and God was always there.


In 1994 Stephanie was invited back to the Christian school where she graduated High School and was given a word of knowledge by the speaker who was there. The speaker was Terry Kinard and as she began to minister she asked Stephanie her name and said, "God has a word for you. You will write songs, travel, sing and cut records." Until that point, Stephanie had never written a song and only sang in public several times but from this point forward the songs began to flow and the doors opened for ministry. Stephanie was traveling, singing and writing songs but even more was in store as doors began to open up to television, which was no surprise since that was how she was saved.


Stephanie has appeared on: Daystar, TBN, local television programs and then the vision came for Stephanie to host and produce a gospel music program on cable TV. by the name of, "Laborers Of The Harvest." This program aired for 7 years, was viewed in many cities, held many special events and was nominated twice for a Crystal Award for excellency in cable television production. From time to time guests who were scheduled for taping of the program would not be able to make and Stephanie was forced to carry the one-hour program by herself at which time God impressed upon her heart to minister the word of God as well as singing. Stephanie also attended Bible College and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Religious Education.


In 2005 God brought Greg into Stephanie's life and they were married in 2006.  A clear word came from God with confirmation that the two would be married and work together in ministry and that prophecy has come to be with Greg co-writing the songs, "Hazmat Suit" and "Go Buy Oil" as well as co-hosting the tv program, Come and Dine.

The Music

Stephanie's first project "Twice Adopted" includes the original title song, "Twice Adopted" which is actually Stephanie's testimony through a song. "Spiritual Warfare" and "One Drop Of Blood" are also original songs written by Stephanie along with a verse re-write to reflect the death of her Dad on the song, "He Loved Us To Death."

Stephanie's latest project titled, "The Bridegroom Cometh" was released in  October 2017 and is a powerhouse recording of 10 original songs and 3 cover songs that will get you focused on the second coming of Jesus.

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